Your water bill will increase with the April billing cycle.

The North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) will increase effective April 1, 2021. This fee is charged to all water well owners in their jurisdiction, including Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 168 (District). This fee, or a portion of the fee, is passed on to the final consumer via a line item on the District’s water bill. Currently, the fee charged by NHCRWA to the District is $4.25 per 1000 gallons of water pumped. The new fee will be $4.70 per 1000 gallons. This may increase your bill significantly, depending on how much water you use. As your fees are partially subsidized through your property taxes, the NHCRWA fee assessed by the District will be increasing from $3.35 to $3.70 (not $4.70) per 1000 gallons of water effective April 1, 2021.

The District’s charges for water use are not increasing. Only the line item on your bill relating to the NHCRWA fee is increasing.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Board of Directors. Remember that the Directors are residents of the District also and have to pay the same fees.